Alex Hiller picked up an electric guitar around 12 years old. Inspired early on by some of the greats: Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Then later on by John Mayer, Grateful Dead, and an array of other rock, alternative, and reggae artists. Once he began learning covers developing his sound, singing, and writing songs, he brought his passion and musicianship to live audiences in the Summer of 2018. His original music intertwines rock, blues, folk, and reggae to describe events and feelings of his life relating to love, family, overcoming hardships, and enjoying the good times. His writing style and singing style are influenced by John Mayer and Jack Johnson but remain dynamic enough to introduce heavier rock elements into his playing. During his performances he aims to engage the crowd with sing-alongs, harmonica playing, and utilizing a loop pedal to transition from singer-songwriter to lead guitar player. With a wide variety of musical influences and interests he strives to provide  quality entertainment and enjoyable music a range of audiences.

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"Being in the industry for nearly 20 years I've seen many acts along the way. Alex brings such a great vibe to the scene and is honestly one of the best to work with. He is truly gifted and very talented! Alex has a wide variety and rage that appeals to all crowds. His music is a great addition to any atmosphere, looking to keep customers happy, and enjoying their time at your establishment.  I highly recommend Alex Hiller for your next event!" 

-Blake Bryan (Manager - Paddy's Irish Pub Springfield, MA)

"Alex Hiller performs on a monthly basis at our family restaurant, The Still Bar and Grill. 
Customers and staff alike get excited when we know Alex is coming to town, he keeps a smile on every face and provides the perfect dinner setting ambiance. Truly a great talent, and would be a wonderful addition to any stage." 

-Cam Lanza (Manager - The Still Bar and Grill Springfield, MA)

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